A property address assignment is issued for new construction, electric service poles, tower & well sites and most inhabitable structures. To obtain a property address please contact the County GIS Coordinator at 627-8811.

The process begins with locating your parcel identification number (PIN). This can be done quickly in our office. A PIN number is required as this number will physically locate your land and determine the road that accesses your property. Your can find your PIN online at or we will be happy to find it for you!

The property address number is how the C.C.E. Central Dispatch Authority/9-1-1, locates you in an emergency. The property address number is used by the utility companies (phone, electrical, gas) and by the U.S.Postal service for local delivery and e-commerce (internet mailing). Your address number is used to reference your property for taxes, voter registration and assessing. Many delivery services use the online mapping, & GPS location services that require a valid address number. It is very important that your address number is used & displayed correctly. We have provided a display guide below for your reference.

Cheboygan County enacted the Street & Road Numbering Ordinance (see below) on October 12, 2004. It became effective December 12, 2004.

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