Adopt-A-Road Program


The purpose of this is to introduce your organization to a local program that can utilize your resources to benefit not only your business, service club or group, but also can benefit the environment, improve the image of our community and help the Cheboygan County Road Commission. If you have ever wondered how you or your organization can help protect our environment, help with the community recycling effort or work on conservation in your community, this program may be right for you.  If you’ve ever wondered how you can utilize new methods of advertising, increase community recognition, improve public relations or even recruit new members, this innovative program may suit your needs. 



The Cheboygan County Road Commission is modeling a program after the popular State of Michigan “Adopt-A-Highway” program.  Our program will provide your group with roadway signs, after the first pick up has been completed, indicating your organizations involvement in the “ADOPT-A-ROAD” program.  In return, we will ask your group to perform roadside pickup at least two (2) times per year on routes chosen by your organization.  This can be an easy, fun way of promoting your organization, while making a visible and noticeable effort to improve our community. 

If you would like details regarding this program, please feel free to contact us at the Cheboygan County Road Commission (231.238.7775).  Someone will be available to attend your meeting to explain the “ADOPT-A-ROAD” program to your membership.  The routes will be assigned on the first-come, first served basis.  Call now  to reserve your route.


Individual Application and Permit Form


Organization Checklist


Wording of Adopt-A-Road Signs


Permit Conditions


Participant and Training List


Welcome to the Adopt-A-Road Team