Making the Decision to Become a Child's Permanent Family (DHS Pub-140) - Details about adopting a child who became a permanent ward.

Adoption Program Statement (DHS Pub-255) - Addresses the concentrated effort of the state agency to find homes for permanent state and court wards.

Adopting a Child in Michigan (DHS Pub-823) - Overview of Michigan's adoption law, the types of adoptions available in Michigan, the role of the court and other helpful information.



Michigan's Adoption Subsidy Program (DHS Pub-538) - Overview of subsidy programs that provides financial assistance for eligible children.

Adoption Assistance Rate Negotiation/Determination Worksheet (DHS-959) - If you entered into an Negotiated Adoption Assistance Agreement after Jan. 21, 2014, you may complete this form to request a renegotiated assistance rate one-time annually.

Request for Medical Subsidy for An Adopted Child (DHS-1341-A) - Apply for medical subsidy for your adopted child.

Parent Claim for Reimbursement of Nonrecurring Adoption Expenses (DHS-4815) - Apply for reimbursement of expenses related to adoption completion.



Release of Information (DHS Pub-439) - Information about what information can be released and shared with adult adoptees.

Adult Former Sibling Statement to Release Information to Adult Adoptee (DHS-1917)  

Release of Information to Adult Adoptee by Brother/Sister as proxy for Deceased Parent (DHS-1918) - Consent to release deceased parents name to adult adoptee.

Parent's Consent/Denial to Release Information to Adult Adoptee (DHS-1919) - Biological parents grant or deny consent to have their confidential information released to adult adoptee.

Release of Information Authorization Adult Adoptee (DHS-1920) - Adult adoptees can grant permission for the probate court and/or adoption agency to release their current name and address to a biological parent or sibling.

Request by Adult Adoptee for Identifying Information (DHS-1925) - Adult adoptees can request their information from their adoption record.

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