Making the Decision to Become a Child's Permanent Family (DHS Pub-140) - Details about adopting a child who became a permanent ward.

Adoption Program Statement (DHS Pub-255) - Addresses the concentrated effort of the state agency to find homes for permanent state and court wards.

Adopting a Child in Michigan (DHS Pub-823) - Overview of Michigan's adoption law, the types of adoptions available in Michigan, the role of the court and other helpful information.

Michigan State Court Administrator's Office link to adoption forms.



Michigan's Adoption Subsidy Program (DHS Pub-538) - Overview of subsidy programs that provides financial assistance for eligible children.

Adoption Assistance Rate Negotiation/Determination Worksheet (DHS-959) - If you entered into an Negotiated Adoption Assistance Agreement after Jan. 21, 2014, you may complete this form to request a renegotiated assistance rate one-time annually.

Request for Medical Subsidy for An Adopted Child (DHS-1341-A) - Apply for medical subsidy for your adopted child.

Parent Claim for Reimbursement of Nonrecurring Adoption Expenses (DHS-4815) - Apply for reimbursement of expenses related to adoption completion.



Release of Information (DHS Pub-439) - Information about what information can be released and shared with adult adoptees.

Adult Former Sibling Statement to Release Information to Adult Adoptee (DHS-1917)  

Release of Information to Adult Adoptee by Brother/Sister as proxy for Deceased Parent (DHS-1918) - Consent to release deceased parents name to adult adoptee.

Parent's Consent/Denial to Release Information to Adult Adoptee (DHS-1919) - Biological parents grant or deny consent to have their confidential information released to adult adoptee.

Release of Information Authorization Adult Adoptee (DHS-1920) - Adult adoptees can grant permission for the probate court and/or adoption agency to release their current name and address to a biological parent or sibling.

Request by Adult Adoptee for Identifying Information (DHS-1925) - Adult adoptees can request their information from their adoption record.

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