Reduce or reuse non-biodegradable and non-recyclable items

Plastic grocery bags

Replace plastic grocery bags with reusable grocery bags. You may buy these bags in most supermarkets. Many are made from recycled materials. You or your children can personalize them with indelible marker. Remarkably strong and durable, they can carry heavy loads and be reused over and over again. If you have plastic bags, please recycle them at alMart. They cannot be processed in the Cheboygan County Recycling Program.

Less Packaging

Buying in bulk reduces the amount of wasteful packaging that cannot be recycled. Opt for cardboard instead of tyrofoam and choose brands with the least packaging or those packaged in recyclable marerials. Some companies are going reen and reducing packaging. For example, the Cheboygan Coop carries a brand of suet hich is not packaged in an unrecyclable plastic tray.


Think creatively about items you can reuse. Baby food jars and clear peanut butter jars for nuts or screws. Small boxes and lastic containers for drawer organizers. Old mugs for pen and pencil holders. Used loose-leaf otebooks for your tool manuals or your volunteering notes. Junk mail envelopes for organizing monthly receipts. Backs of printed paper for grocery lists and messages.

Re-gifting, the New/Old Concept

Native Americans traditionally re-gifted usable and sometimes valuable items to each other. When you are through using an item which is in good condition, consider re-gifting the item as a keepsake to a relative or friend. An extension of this idea is donating items to charity. In Cheboygan County, many places accept items in good condition for re-use either by giving them away or selling them to support the charity.

We welcome your ideas for going beyond recycling.