GOALS focus the direction of an organization’s work, under the guidance from the vision and mission statement. Goals are relatively static in nature and will not often change.


The five goals of the Board of Commissioners are:

  1. PUBLIC SAFETY – To focus on providing services beneficial to the citizens of Cheboygan County in the areas of public health, safety and security.
  2. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – To promote and encourage economic development through our continued efforts of collaborations with our partners.
  3. QUALITY COUNTY SERVICE – To work diligently to provide courteous, efficient, quality service.
  4. RECOGNIZING SOCIAL ISSUES-    To work diligently to address social needs, recognizing the limited role of counties and working together with state and federal governments in their role.
  5. ADDRESSING MULTIPLE FACILITY NEEDS – To continue development of capital improvement schedules to maintain county assets.
  6. COLLABORATION-SERVICE – To explore continued expansion of collaborative activities.