The Cheboygan County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority


Helping redevelopment of property challenged by

environmental and physical conditions.


 The  primary  purpose  of  the  Cheboygan  County  Brownfield  Redevelopment  Authority (CCBRA)is to promote and assist with redevelopment of industrial and commercial property by offering economic incentives for Brownfield redevelopment.


The CCBRA was created by the Cheboygan County Board of Commissioners due to their ongoing efforts to encourage new business, business expansion and facilitate redevelopment of Brownfield sites.


The benefits to redevelopment of Brownfield sites include job creation, putting unproductive property to good use, improving neighborhoods and spin-off new development.


A Brownfield is a property or building which has been abandoned, vacant or underutilized due to the existence or perceived existence of environmental contamination or is blighted or functionally obsolete pursuant to Michigan Public Act 381 of 1996 (Act 381).


The CCBRA is able to “capture” new property taxes created by new development of a Brownfield site and reimburse a developer or owner for eligible costs.  Eligible costs can include environmental assessment; clean up of contamination, infrastructure improvements, site preparation and other activity pursuant to Act 381. In addition to reimbursement of eligible cost other incentives may be available such as Michigan Business Tax credits.


Cheboygan County is a member of the Northern Lakes Economic Alliance (NLEA). With the expertise of the NLEA other incentives and grant programs may be available.


The CCBRA will also work with local units of government and officials of Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment during the application process.  The State of Michigan has made it a priority to have some of the best Brownfield laws in the nation to provide environmental protection, incentives and liability protection for developers and owners.


The CCBRA also has grant funds available for environmental assessments.  Environmental assessments are often required for financing of commercial property purchases and a first step the Brownfield redevelopment process and may be completely paid for by grant funds. This funding opportunity has limited funds and is available only until September of 2010. 


(Click here for more information about grant funding for environmental assessments.)


The redevelopment process under Act 381 can begin with a just phone call or email. Please contact Scott McNeil, Community Development Planner at (231) 627-8475 or with your ideas and questions.