Complaint Information

Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth Bureau of Commercial Services Enforcement Division helps with:

  • Protecting Consumers
  • Avoid a Complaint if Possible
  • Contractual Considerations
  • Documenting and Filing a Complaint
  • Complaint Process
  • Resolving Problems

File a complaint:
Against a Building Contractor
Against an Electrical, a Plumbing and/or a Mechanical Contractor

If you believe someone may be in violation of a Building, Electrical, Plumbing and/or Mechanical Code, please submit a Complaint Form to the Department of Building Safety.

Building Official
Matthew J Cronk
(231) 627-8813

870 South Main Street, Room 102
P.O. Box 70
Cheboygan, MI 49721
(231) 627-8813
Fax: (231) 627-8454

Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday
8am-12pm & 1pm-4pm

Inspector Hours:
Monday thru Friday
In Office: 8am-9am & 3pm-4pm
Field Inspections: 9am-3pm

Additional Staff
Assistant to the Building Official
Regina Redmond
Building Inspector
Paul Morse
Plan Review
Matt Shann
Electrical Inspector
Steve Sackett
Mechanical & Plumbing Inspector
Don Bedell