Cheboygan County, comprised of two townships, was organized in 1853 with the first County Court House being located in Duncan City. Sheriff Madare Metivier was the first elected County Sheriff in 1855. In 1882 a two cell Cheboygan County Jail was built on Court Street in the City of Cheboygan. The Cheboygan County Sheriff's Department is currently made up of five divisions employing 11 Road Patrol Deputies, 18 Corrections Officers and 8 seasonal special deputies.


The five divisions are: Administrative, Investigative, Road Patrol, Corrections/Communication and Marine/Snowmobile/ORV and Safety.


Cheboygan County Facts

 County Area:464,000 Acres
   725 Square Miles
 Roadways: >1,200 miles
 Major Waters: 2
 Straits of Mackinaw, Lake Huron
 Major Inland Lakes:
 Burt Lake, Mullet Lake, Black Lake
 Major Rivers:
 Cheboygan, Black and Indian Rivers
 Inland water Routes:
 Miles of Inland Water Routes