Freedom of Information Act Requests  (FOIA)

Cheboygan County Department of Building Safety

(Policy Summary)

With few exceptions, any public record is available for viewing or copying by any person who provides a written request for the document with sufficient specificity that the document can be identified. All written requests for public records are handled as Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. All FOIA requests are required to be in writing.

A person has the right to subscribe to future issuances of public records which are created, issued or disseminated on a regular basis for up to twelve (12) months. A "person" is defined in the act to mean an individual, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, firm, organization, association, governmental entity, or other legal entity. A person does not include an individual serving a sentence of imprisonment in a state or county correctional facility in this state or any other state, or in a federal correctional facility.


standard foia request fees:


  • Photocopy and laser printer related costs will be based on county-wide average cost of $0.30 per page.

    • Price per copy is for each one-sided copy, whether it relates to multiple copies of the same page or to each page of a multiple page document.


  • Postage, insurance and other charges realated to the shipment of material will be determined on an actual cost basis.

Electronic Records:

  • Except for labor-related charges, records in electronic format that can be transmitted by e-mail will be provided at no cost.


  • Fees for special formats will be based on supply- and processing-related costs to include: Photos processed/printed from a negavite image; digital images (stored on a disk; memory stick or other software/hardware than downloaded on a disk without printing); storage disks (floppy, CD); or recordings (digital, cassette, video).


  • No labor charges will be assessed for the first 30 minutes of records search, examination and preparation.  After 30 minutes, labor charges are based on the hourly wage of the lowest-paid employee capable of retrieving the information necessary to comply with the FOIA request.  Labor charges are calculated at 15 minute increments and will include a department-wide average of 47% for fringes and benefits.  

special fees:

  • Special or unusual fees, applicable to a particular request must be indentified separately.  Examples include overtime and the departmental rate (including fringes) for staff to be present when a requestor opts to come on-site and inspect records.

  • When costs are expected to exceed $50.00, a deposit of 50% of the estimated costs may be required.  The full cost must be collected before delivery.

to request information under foia:

All FOIA requests for information must be submitted to the Department of Building Safety on the below FOIA Request Form.