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Position: Deputy Friend of the Court (Rogers City Location)

Minimum Qualifications: 

     Education: Bachelor's Degree with course study in domestic relations, human services, behavioral science, computer science, legal service and/or accounting preferred, but those with a minimum of five years work experience in said fields will be considered. 

     Experience: Applicant must have clerical experience, have at least immediate knowledge of Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft Office or equivalent, basic bookkeeping experience, communication skills, ability to handle difficult situations and/or clients, public speaking and ability to use/utilize standard telephone system for communications with the general public, employers and other agencies. Applicant must possess a valid Michigan driver's license and be able to travel for meetings, trainings and investigations. Applicant must be able to pass a drug screen and background check.

Essential Responsibilities: 

  • Extensive computer skills are needed for case identification, tracking, monitoring and generating appropriate documents in the Michigan Child Support Enforcement System (MiCSES).
  • Maintain a professional telephone demeanor when handling multiple calls including the ability to provide appropriate information and/or referral in the areas of child custody, parenting time and child support issues. 
  • Provide direct face-to-face contact with clients at the office window, demonstrate the ability to provide accurate and immediate information related to child support, custody and parenting time issues to the client's satisfaction. 
  • Initial case entry of individuals and accounts in MiCSES.
  • Case management of approximately 275 cases.
  • Case maintenance (locating clients and their employers, auditing, accounting adjustments/calculations, support recommendations).
  • Case enforcement (present show cause hearings in front of the Judge, support collection, health insurance enforcement).
  • General duties including answering telephone calls from clients, scheduling client appointments with mediator, correspondence with clients and other agencies and preparing court documents.
  • Maintain the highest standard of confidentiality, including successfully passing a State required security and confidentiality exam.
  • Preparation of annual statistic report to the State Court Administrative Office.
  • Preparation of the annual county budget.
  • Quarterly presentation of the SMILE program to clients on the impact of divorce on children.
  • Running monthly reports to increase monetary incentives and enforcement orders. 
  • Supervision of office staff, including training and time off requests for part time clerk, case manager and part time mediator/investigator.
  • On call with the sheriff's department when a client is arrested on a bench warrant.
  • Open all mail and respond accordingly.
  • Assisting with preparation of the Cooperative Reimbursement Program details/FOC's Contract for financial reimbursement for the State.
  • Entering warrants into LEIN and monthly reconciliation of LEIN reports.
  • Review cases for license suspension and/or felony warrants.
  • Preparation of pleadings on cases which require motions for credits on accounts, administrative closure etc.
  • Supervision of financials, receipting and deposits for child support payments.
  • Approval of all Judgments and Uniform Orders for Support prior to submission to the Court.
  • Order office supplies.
  • Voucher billings for Clerk payment.
  • Review all outgoing correspondence to clients.

This is a full time hourly position from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with a 30 minute lunch. 40 hour work week Monday through Friday.  This position reports to the Friend of the Court Staff Attorney.

Resumes and Cover letters may be submitted via email to or mailed to:

Friend of the Court, P.O. Box 70, Cheboygan, MI 49721

This position is open until filled. 



Get secure online access to your child support case with MiChildSupport,

If you experience any difficulty using the MiChildSupport website, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at the MiChildSupport site.

Customers can call their local Friend of the Court 24-hour case information access line (Interactive Voice Response – IVR system) and follow the prompts to the MiSDU:

CHEBOYGAN (code 243)
County #016
FIPS 26031


This handbook provides information about duties and procedures for the Friend of the Court (FOC), rights and responsibilities of parties in family law matters, and information about basic court procedures in domestic relations cases.

Information is accurate at the time of printing (March, 2014) and provided in part by the Friend of the Court Bureau and prepared by the Michigan Legislature.

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Please contact the FOC office in writing so that complete and accurate information is recorded in the case file. Written communications between the FOC and the parties ensure a complete record is maintained. Requests for enforcement support such as child, spousal, parenting time, medical, etc., must be in writing. When communicating with the FOC, always include the case number assigned to your case and keep your own copy.

Please keep the FOC informed of changes in vital information concerning your case. Provide the FOC with a written notice of any changes of: addresses, names, sources of income, medical insurance, telephone numbers, marital status of parties and minors, legal guardianships/ adoptions, financial status including bankruptcy, and physical custody of the child. Also, notify the FOC of the death of a party or child, the termination of parental rights, the reconciliation of parties, a child's high school graduation date and any other activity in any other court affecting your child.

If you must contact the FOC by telephone, be sure to give the receptionist your full name, the other party's full name and your case number. Information about payments and arrearages will not be given over the telephone.

General, non-case specific information can be given over the telephone while only limited case specific information may be given. This is a safeguard to protect the confidentiality of your file and your privacy.

In e-mailing the Friend of the Court, please do not include confidential information in the correspondence.    Our office e-mail is not encrypted and we want to protect your privacy.

Examples of confidential information include:

  • Social security number
  • Birth date
  • Driver’s license information
  • Health information
  • Payment/account information—support and/or banking
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In accordance with Michigan Court Rule 3.218, the Cheboygan County Friend of the Court requires the completion of FOC 72 Request to Access Friend of the Court Records and Decision.

What individuals can access FOC records?
A party, a third party custodian, a guardian, a guardian ad litem or counsel for minor, DHS protective services personnel, and an attorney of record.

What cannot be accessed via this process?
Staff records or notes from investigations, mediations, and settlement conferences, DHS Protective Services reports, mediation records, medical information of a party, communications from minors, FOC grievances filed by another party and responses, a party’s address if release is prohibited by court order, IRS information, and any information provided by a governmental agency which retains confidentiality.

What is the procedure to request access?
Complete the attached Request to Access FOC Records and Decision (FOC 72) and submit to the Friend of the Court. As soon as possible, but no later than 10 working days of the receipt of the request, a determination will be made if the request will be honored or denied, in full or in part. The request will then be processed and a determination made if there is a charge for the type of access requested, if approved.

Why can’t this information be sent to another agency or party if I authorize it?
Because of the Michigan Court Rule, the Friend of the Court can only send the information to the requesting party. You may forward that information as you wish. The FOC cannot send information to mortgage companies, DHS workers, Social Security personnel or housing agencies.

Instructions for completing the Request to Access FOC Records Form

  • Enter your case number at the top right, under Case No.
  • Enter your name and address at the top, and enter your telephone numbers to the right.
  • Under #1, check the box that represents your relationship to the case.
  • Under #2, describe in detail the information you are requesting.
  • Under #3, check whether you wish to see the records or if you would like copies.
  • Date and sign the form and submit.

Please be aware that court orders and legal filings are not FOC records. Requests for those documents should be made to the Circuit Court Clerk.

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The Friend of the Court grievance procedure is to be used if you have a complaint regarding the actions of an employee or office operations of the Friend of the Court office. A judge's or referee's decision and an order of the court are not issues to be handled through the grievance procedure.

A grievance shall first be filed in writing with the Friend of the Court. If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Friend of the Court, you may file a further grievance, in writing, with the chief judge.

The Friend of the Court/chief judge will investigate and respond to your grievance in a reasonable period of time. If the response cannot be given within 30 days, you will be given a reason why the response is not possible within that time.

You may photocopy the appropriate number of copies of the completed form.

You must also:

1. Provide the names and addresses of the parties in the court case. This will assist the Friend of the Court or chief judge in identifying your case.

2. Provide the name of the county where your domestic relations case is located.

3. Check the appropriate box for the type of complaint (grievance).

4. State your complaint, providing specific details, dates, names, and other important information.

5. Mail or deliver the completed form to the Friend of the Court or the chief judge's office whichever is appropriate. Keep the last copy (third copy) for your records

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Friend of the Court, Staff Attorney
Kevin W. Weller P56943

870 S Main Street, Room 210
PO Box 70
Cheboygan, MI 49721
(231) 627-8825
Fax: (231) 627-8417

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Additional Staff
Custody/Parenting Time Investigator/Mediator
Breanne Thompson
(231) 627-8418
Child Support Case Manager
Samuel Bohl
(231) 627-8802
Child Support Case Manager
Mary Bur
(231) 627-8869
Child Support Case Manager
Tracy Bourgeois
(231) 627-8848
Child Support Case Manager
Paula Jewell
(231) 627-8826
Assistant to the Friend of the Court
Tina Stead
(231) 627-8825