The first Cheboygan County Jail was on the West Side of Duncan Ave. at the end of Sutherland Ave. It was constructed of logs in 1855 and was attached to the frame of the Court House.


The Second Court House was the Second Story of Bela Chapman's home at present Court St.


The 3rd Jail was built by H.N. Stevenson in 1878 on Present Huron St. right of way between court house and brick jail and was 20ft. by 24ft.


The fourth jail was completed in 1880 and was located on Court St. Then in 1922 the west wing of the jail was completed. This jail is currently the museum.


The current jail which was built on the west portion of the Cheboygan County Building and was completed in 1968. In 1998 the jail was converted into an 80 bed facility which could hold male and female inmates.