For us to best provide guidance on your project we look forward to hearing your ideas well in advance of applying for a permit. This will help ensure that your project meets your goals as well as the requirements of the Zoning, Soil Erosion, and/or Stormwater Ordinances. This will also allow time for you to appear before the Zoning Board of Appeals or Planning Commission if necessary.


All buildings or structures that are erected, moved, added to, or altered require a zoning permit. This includes such work as constructing an agricultural building, adding a second story to an existing structure, or placing a mobile home on a parcel. A Soil Erosion permit will most likely be needed for work done (including grading or other earth change) within 500' of a lake, pond, river, or stream. A Stormwater permit will be needed for commercial and industrial sites. Please contact us and our friendly staff for information regarding specific requests.


In general, non-residential structures and uses are reviewed by the Planning Commission and not administratively. Please contact our friendly staff for information regarding specific requests.


Some items to be aware of that will help us ensure your permit is approved quickly and meets your needs:

  • Your Tax ID is needed for new construction on a pending parcel split.
  • Your permit, once approved, remains valid if construction begins within six months of the date of approval.  Once construction is complete, the permit is good indefinitely.