Recreation Plan

What is a Recreation Plan and why do we have one?

Recreation opportunities enhance a community’s quality of life and these opportunities abound in Cheboygan County.  Residents and visitors of Cheboygan County have access to many acres of public land which include over 400 miles of trails, campgrounds, hunting and fishing areas.  The schools of Cheboygan County provide many organized sports and recreational activities for the students.  The area is served by many recreational user groups such as sportsman’s clubs, trail user groups, and natural resource observers’ clubs.  Cheboygan County and its municipal units are just some of the many partners that make Cheboygan County a great place to recreate.

This Recreation Plan is intended to guide decision makers in the future development and improvement of the variety of recreation opportunities throughout the county.  Since so many opportunities naturally exist in Cheboygan County, the primary emphasis of this plan is to encourage coordination of efforts of the various entities who manage the recreational resources.  These entities which need to be at the table when recreational resource planning occurs include the DNR, DEQ, Army Corps of Engineers, County, Townships, City, Villages, land conservancies, and commercial entities. 

The Recreation Plan includes an inventory of the existing recreational assets, sets a vision for what recreational amenities should exist in the County in the future, suggests goals to achieve that vision, and then provides a plan for how goals can be achieved.

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