Products Made From Cheboygan County Recyclables

A large variety of items are made from recycled plasics:

  • Plastic (#1 & #2, #5, #6, #7) plastic (rinsed) 
  • Tubs (yogurt, Margarine), trays, clear clamshells
  • Plastic Grocery and bread bags (clean, dry, and bagged)
  • Plant cell packs
  • Tuperware

Manufacturers in Michigan Make other plastic bottles and jugs.

Tin Cans:
Manufacturer in East Jordon, Michigan makes fire hydrants, utility/manhole covers, and large truck brake drums.

Scrap dealers sell to makers of aluminum cans and car and airplane parts.

Clear and Colored Glass:
Manufacturers in Michigan make items such as glass bottles and concrete blocks.

Mills in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio make cereal board, liner board, and the  fluted portion of corrugated cardboard

Newspapers and Magazines:
Mill in Michigan , Indiana, and Ohio make  cereal board, newspaper, insulation, and mulch

Office Paper:
Mills in Wisconsin make tissue paper, writing paper, and copy paper.

Phone Books and Hard Cover Books: Mills in Michigan, Indiana,  Ohio, and Illinois
make newspaper, insulation, and mulch