Sheriff's Department

Dale V. Clarmont, Sheriff

Pride and Professionalism

To the Citizens of Cheboygan County:

I have made it my personal and professional goal to work with the citizen's of Cheboygan, and to strive to achieve excellence in our Cheboygan County Sheriff Department.

The Cheboygan County Sheriff Department is proactive in its dedication to serving the public.

With community support and by working together we are able to better protect our community and you, the citizens that live here.

It has been and continues to be my greatest personal achievement and honor to serve the citizens of Cheboygan County as your Sheriff.

Dale V. Clarmont


It is the Mission of the Cheboygan County Sheriff's Department to assist the people of Cheboygan County in our mutual desire for a safe and secure community through our dedication in providing Correctional, Law Enforcement and Related Services at the highest possible standards, while respecting the rights of all people.


Sheriff's Department to Offer Snowmobile Safety Classes

Due to continuing requests from Cheboygan County snowmobiling enthusiasts, the Cheboygan County Sheriff Department will once again be offering free snowmobile safety class. 

  • Saturday December 17, 2016 from 8:30am to 4:00pm 
  • Saturday January 21, 2016 from 8:30am to 4:00pm

Both classes will be held in the Commissioner’s Room at the Cheboygan County building 870 S. Main St. Cheboygan.  Participants need to enter at the north entrance.

Students are asked to bring a sack lunch.  Students must attend the entire class.

Michigan law requires children 12 to 16 years of age that operate a snowmobile on public lands to take and successfully pass an approved snowmobile safety course.

This classroom course will also include a written test.  Participants successfully passing the class will be awarded a certificate of completion from the Cheboygan County Sheriff Department and the required snowmobile safety card from the State of Michigan.

Parents and adults are encouraged to attend and take the course.

Class size is limited, pre-registration is required.  Interested parties need to contact the Cheboygan County Sheriff Department at 231-627-3155 to sign up.  The minimum age to attend is 12 years old.

Questions can be directed to Sgt. Kelsey Kennedy, Recreational Division at the Cheboygan County Sheriff Department.


Sheriff Offers Winter Driving Tips

Cheboygan County-Sheriff Clarmont stated his department handled several accidents over the weekend due to the areas first real snowfall. “We were busy patrolling accidents in the county, luckily none resulted in serious injury” said Clarmont.  “With the first snow of the year we ask driver’s to slow down.  Icy roads are difficult to detect and by the time you drive on it, it’s too late and easy to lose control of your vehicle.”

Sheriff Clarmont stated this time of year usually takes people time to adjust to winter conditions but offers some advice to ensure you reach your destination especially during the holidays.   “The best advice is to slow down and allow yourself extra time and wear your seatbelts.  If conditions are bad we ask that you do not drive.”

The Sheriff is asking everyone to stay sober this holiday, don’t drink and drive.  “We will be having extra patrols out during the holidays for seatbelt violations and also targeting drunk drivers through a grant from the Office of Highway Safety Planning” said Clarmont.  “We want everyone to be safe and enjoy the holidays.”

The sheriff offers additional tips for winter driving:

Check your tires, engine oil, antifreeze, and brakes before embarking on a trip

Buckle up, and make sure your passengers do too

Put the cell down when driving

Reduce speed in snow, sleet, and rain

Allow yourself plenty of braking space in wet weather

Lightly pump your brakes on snowy roads when slowing the vehicle

Use extreme caution when driving down unplowed roads

Avoid distractions (talking on cell phone, eating, etc.)

Keep headlights on & use low beams in snow storms

Listen to the radio for information on local road and weather conditions

Pull off the road if you’re tired or if outside conditions worsen

If you break down, don’t venture more than 100 yards from your vehicle to seek help

Things to include in your vehicle during Winter driving:

Map of the area where you’re traveling


Flashlight (with extra batteries)

Snowbrush and ice-scraper

Package of cat litter (for tire traction)

Spare tire, as well as tire-chains or tire-cables (even for 4x4's)

Small shovel

Hats, weather proof gloves and boots, and a heavy blanket

Matches and flares

Cell phone (for emergency use only)


Sheriff Department receives Office of Highway Safety Planning Grant

Sheriff Dale Clarmont said his department has once again received the OHSP grant for selected patrols starting October 1, 2016 and continuing through September 2017.  "These funds are for selected areas in the state to concentrate solely on highway safety.  This year our efforts will be targeting drunk drivers, speeding and seatbelt violations" said Clarmont.    

Sheriff Clarmont stated because of the additional funds through the grant his department is able to step up efforts on drunk driving patrols and apprehend violators. "This allows for extra patrols that can be on the roads during critical hours and focus on traffic safety" said Clarmont.    

The Sheriff also wants driver's to be safe and monitor their speed and wear their seatbelt.  "The fact is slowing down and wearing seat belts saves lives."  The sheriff also said corrective action will be taken to those in violation.  "If you are observed without your seatbelt on you can expect to be stopped."  The Sheriff emphasizes the department's goal is not about writing tickets.  "This effort is to remind the public how important safety is on the road."    

The seatbelt law states that passengers 8-15 are to be buckled in all seating positions.  Drivers and front seat passengers must have seatbelts on.  Children younger than 4 in a car seat in the rear.  Children are to buckled in a car seat or booster until 8 years old or 4'9".


Sheriff Clarmont reminds hunters to be safe and hunt smart.

“Bow hunting is underway and rifle seasons starts on November 15, 2016 and our goal is to make sure we all have a safe hunt” said Clarmont.  The Sheriff gives these reminders:

  • Make sure all your equipment including your bow or firearm is working properly.
  • Always tell someone where you are hunting.  This is important so that someone knows when to expect you back and for safety in case you have to be located.
  • Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.  Make sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction, safety on and finger off the trigger.
  • Be aware of your target, what is behind your target and only shoot if you know exactly what you are shooting.
  • Dress for the weather.  Protect yourself against hypothermia and check the forecast before going out.
  • Know your own health limitations. 
  • Have a cell phone with GPS.   If you get lost, call 911, this will assist in locating you. 
  • When hunting with a firearm wear hunter’s orange.
  • If you are hunting in a tree stand, wear a properly fitted safety harness.
  • Do not hunt under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Know all the laws-including trespass and ORV use.  Do not enter or hunt illegally on someone else’s property.  ORV operation is prohibited in public hunting areas during the regular November firearm deer season, from 7:00 am to 11:00 am and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, except when going to or from a residence or hunting camp that is inaccessible by a conventional vehicle, on private property, with landowner’s permission, and persons holding a “Permit to Hunt From a Standing Vehicle” or otherwise meeting disability requirement while engaged in hunting.    

“Every year accidents and accidental deaths occur while hunting that can be prevented.  We all need to stay alert and stay safe” said Clarmont.


Sheriff Clarmont reminds citizens to watch for deer on the roads 

Sheriff Clarmont is reminding citizens to be careful on the roads this time of year with the deer starting to move.  “The rut will be in full swing over the next two weeks which mean the deer will be moving throughout the day” said Clarmont.  With bow hunting in full swing and rifle season coming up, hunters will also be pushing deer.  “If you see a deer crossing the road there is probably more following so slow down and be prepared.  Do not swerve out of your lane and brake appropriately” said Clarmont.

In 2015 the Cheboygan County Sheriff’s Department handled 56 car deer accidents in the months of October and November causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage.  So far this October they have handled 21.  “We are on pace with last year, and that is just our department, it does not include the other departments in the county” said Clarmont.  


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