Pride and Professionalism

To the Citizens of Cheboygan County:  

Immediately after taking office in November 2000, I wrote the following Mission Statement for the Cheboygan County Sheriff Department.


“The Mission of the Cheboygan County Sheriff Department is to provide a safe and secure community to the people of Cheboygan County.”


I have made it my personal and professional goal to not only meet the intent of this statement but to achieve excellence in our Cheboygan County Sheriff Department.


Although I understand that excellence can never be achieved, it is my intention to continuously strive toward that unachievable goal.


The Cheboygan County Sheriff Department is proactive in its dedication to serving the public.


I have instituted numerous Community Policing policies and procedures since taking office. Today in addition to professional law enforcement and corrections service; we provide community outreach, school liaison and cutting-edge technological search and rescue programs. 


With community support and by working together we are able to better protect our community and you , the citizens that live here.


It has been and continues to be my greatest personal achievement and honor to serve the citizens of Cheboygan County as your Sheriff. 


Thanking You For Your Continued Support,


Dale V. Clarmont