Are you are being stalked...


 Stalking is repeated harassment that makes you feel scared or upset. A stalker can be someone you know or a stranger. They often bother people by giving them attention they do not want. This can be unwanted phone calls or gifts, or following people by going to where they work or live. It can also be threats to you or your family.People may think stalking is not dangerous because no one has been physically hurt. Stalking is serious. It is against the law. It often turns to physical violence.

There is help. Find out how to get a Personal Protection Order.
You can also tell the police. You can make a case by keeping track of what the stalker does by:·      telling the police every time the stalker makes contact with you·      keeping a book with you at all times so that you can write down the stalkers contacts·      saving phone messages from the stalker·      saving letters and gifts from the stalker·      writing down information about the stalker, like the way they look, kind of car they drive and license plate number



If you want more information about how to get help, call:

Womens' Resource Center

Petoskey Office:
423 Porter Street, Petoskey, Michigan  49770 231.347.0067

Cheboygan Office:
520 N. Main, Cheboygan, Michigan  49721



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