Upcoming Changes To Regarding Short Term Rentals (STR)

February 2, 2017

Introduction to Short Term Rentals in Cheboygan County

The “sharing economy” has become a means by which the ordinary person can eliminate the middle man and create a business online with very little investment and much profit. One example of the sharing economy that adds to a local economy is the commercial renting of homes for vacation stays. These are often called Short Term Rentals or STR’s.

This has been occurring in various ways throughout Cheboygan County. More recently, because of the popularity of websites such as (VRBO = Vacation Rental By Owner) it is possible for more people to rent their homes. This also brings with it an increase in complaints. Communities throughout the nation have struggled with these types of rentals because they can, in some cases, bring with it an increase in complaints. In addition, often this commercial use of a home conflicts with local zoning laws for residential neighborhoods.

When we receive a complaint we must review it for whether the Short Term Rental meets the zoning ordinance. In most cases the short term rental of a home is not permitted along waterfront properties in Cheboygan County.

This was brought to the attention of the Planning Commission after the first half dozen enforcement matters had been undertaken because it was clear that the regulation would impact a great number of waterfront property owners in Cheboygan County. The question was posed, does the County want to keep restricting these or is there a desire to change the law and allow them to occur.

In recent meetings of the Cheboygan County Planning Commission there were public comments shared in support of allowing the Short Term Rentals in Cheboygan County on the waterfront. At the February 2nd Planning Commission meeting, County staff were instructed to begin drafting language to change the ordinance to reflect this change.

The next step is to inform the Board of Commissioners of the Planning Commission’s intent and simultaneously to begin drafting new ordinance language that would permit Short Term Rentals on waterfront in Cheboygan County.

More information will be available as the language is drafted and will be posted on this site.

Also, you can always call Community Development Department staff at 231-627-8489, email us at or by visiting the department’s website at:


UPDATE: On February 15, 2017 at 7pm, the Planning Commission will meet to review the first draft of language that could permit vacation home rentals. 



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