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County Clerk/Register of Deeds

The County Clerk/Register of Deeds is an officer of the County whose duties are prescribed by State statute. The County Clerk is a clerk of the Circuit Court, custodian of the Circuit Court seal, clerk of the Board of Commissioners, Clerk of the Board of Canvassers, Clerk of the Tax Allocation Board, Clerk of the Plat Board, Chief Election Officer of the County, Receiver of Assumed Names, Recorder of Military Discharges, Member of the Apportionment Committee, Member of the County Election Commission and one of the Financial Officers of the County.

The Clerk’s Office maintains birth and death records, issues and files marriage licenses, handles concealed weapon permits, notary public records, and voter registration records.

The office of the Register of Deeds is the repository for the official records of real property in the county. Any document that affects real property, such as Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Wills, Mortgages, Divorces, etc. is recorded in the Register of Deeds.

Our office accepts payments in the form of paper cash, check and debit/credit cards (except on CPL Applications and Renewals). Due to State regulations credit/debit card payments can no longer be accepted for CPL Applications/Renewals completed in our office. We do not accept coin payments over $5.00. We are able to accept payments over the phone via credit/debit cards for all services except CPL application/renewals.

Notice of Election Commission

Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Cheboygan County Election Commission to approve the 2024 February Presidential Primary will begin at 1:00 P.M. on Wednesday, March 6th, 2024 in the Probate Court.

Holiday Office Hours

Office Holidays:

The Cheboygan County Clerk/Register of Deeds will be

closed on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day; Martin Luther King’s Day; President’s Day;

Good Friday; Memorial Day; Independence Day;

Labor Day; Veterans Day; Thanksgiving Day;

Day after Thanksgiving; Christmas Eve; Day Christmas Day;

and New Year’s Eve Day

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.

Register of Deeds: 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.

Court Clerks 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.

Committee Meetings

Cheboygan County Canvass Board

Thursday, May 9th in the

Cheboygan County Board Room

                                                                                                      at 9:00 a.m. to canvass the 2024 May Special Election.

2024 Election Calendar of Dates

February 27, 2024, Presidential Primary Dates

Official Election Results

The Canvas of Votes for elections are in the below attachment. Please note that Election Magic (prior results program used) is now obsolete. The election results will be posted on this page after each election.

08-08-2006 Primary Election
11-07-2006 General Election
01-15-2008 Presidential Primary
08-05-2008 Primary Election
08-05-2008 Recount Statement of Precincts 89th District Judge
11-04-2008 General Election
08-03-2010 Primary Election
11-02-2010 General Election
02-28-2012 Presidential Primary Election
08-07-2012 Primary Election
11-06-2012 General Election
11-06-2012 Recount Statement of Precincts-Road Commissioner
05-07-2013 Forest & Waverly Fire Protection Millage/Operations Proposal
08-05-2014 Primary Election
11-04-2014 General Election
02-24-2015 Special Cheboygan Area Schools Election
05-05-2015 Special Statewide Proposal Election
11-03-2015 Mackinaw City Public Schools
03-08-2016 Hebron Twp Fire Millage Proposal
05-03-2016 Cheboygan-Otsego-Onaway-Charlevoix-Emmet ISD Proposal
08-02-2016 Primary Election
08-02-2016-Recount State of Precincts-Aloha Twp Treasurer
11-08-2016 General Election
05-02-2017 Special Election – Mackinaw Schools Sinking Fund
05-08-2018 Special Election – Cheboygan Area Schools Proposals
08-07-2018 Primary Election
11-06-2018 General Election
11-06-2018 General Election-Statement of Votes Cast
11-05-2019 General Election
03-10-2020 Presidential Primary Election
08-04-2020 Primary Election
11-03-2020 General Election
05-04-2021 Cheboygan-Otsego-Presque Isle ESD Proposal
08-03-2021 Wolverine Community School District Special Election
11-02-2021 Special Election Results
05-03-2022 Char EM ISD Proposal Special Election
05-03-2022 Inland Lakes School Proposal Special Election
05-03-2022 Pellston Public and Wolverine Community School District Proposals Special Election
08-02-2022 Primary Election Results
08-19-2022 Recount Statement of Precincts – Road Commissioner
11-08-2022 General Election Official Results
11-8-2022 State Recount of Proposal No. 3
08-08-2023 City General Election Results
08-08-2023 Pellston Public Schools Special Election Results


Marriage Application Requirements

  • Picture ID (such as Drivers License or Military ID).
  • Both parties must be present in the office to apply.
  • Please know the information from your birth certificate, but birth certificates are NOT required to apply for your marriage license.
  • At least one applicant must be a resident of Cheboygan County or both candidates must be a resident of another state.


  • In-state residents: $20 license fee
  • Out-of-state residents: $30 license fee
  • 3-day waiver for cause: $10 fee

Petition and Waiver of Three Day Waiting Period
Marriage License Application
Requirements for Marriage License
Covid-19 Marriage License Requirements

Circuit Court, Birth and Land Record Forms


  • Divorce involving minor children: $255
  • Divorce without minor children: $175

In Pro Per Divorce Packets are available in the Cheboygan County Clerk’s Office for $20 or you may copy and paste the Michigan Legal Help address above into your browser and you may print the forms yourself at no cost through their website.

Motion and Order Regarding Change of Domicile/Residence
Motion and Order Re: Custody
Response to Motion Re: Change of Domicile/Residence
Response to Motion RE: Custody
Motion-Order Regarding Parenting Time 12-2023
Response to Motion RE: Parenting Time
Motion-Stip for Transferring Case Post Judgment 12-2023
Subpoena 12-2023
Answer Civil 12-2023
General Notice of Hearing and Motion
Instructions for PPO Forms
Petition to Appoint Next Friend for Minor filing PPO
Notice of Hearing on Petition for PPO 12-2023
Motion to Modify Extend-Terminate PPO 12-2023
Proof of Mailing 12-2023
Application for Certified Cheboygan County Birth Certificate
Add Father to Birth Certificate 12-2023
Application to Correct-Change Birth Certificate 12-2023
Affidavit of Parentage 12-2023
Power of Attorney Delegating Parental Powers
General Recording Requirements
Warranty Deed with Recording Requirements
Land Contract
Quit Claim Deed with Recording Requirements
Application-Order to Set Aside Conviction 12-2023
Concealed Pistol License Guide and Application (Revised 4/2019)
Default Request-Entry 12-2023
Dismissal-Domestic Relations (Revised 3/16)
Dismissal-Nondomestic Relations (Revised 6/19)
Summons 12-2023
Fee Waiver Request 12-2023
Motion-Order to Show Cause Violating PPO 12-2023
Petition-Order Domestic PPO 12-2023
Petition-Ord Non Domestic PPO 12-2023
Marriage License Application 12-2023

Concealed Pistol Licenses

Individuals interested in applying for a Concealed Pistol License may do so in the Cheboygan County Clerk’s Office.

CPL Applications are accepted during the following times:


8 a.m.-4:30 P.M.

EXCEPT the First Wednesday of every month not until:

11 a.m. -4:30 P.M.

Due to Secretary of State website maintenance.

NEW CPL Applicants, please bring:

  • Driver’s License
  • $115
  • Completed CPL Training Certificate (not older than 5 years)
  • CPL Application

RENEWAL CPL Applicants, please bring:

(Must not have expired beyond 1yr minus 1 day from expiration to use renewal process.)

  • Driver’s License
  • $115
  • Old CPL Permit
  • CPL Application

Current Michigan CPL Laws:

CPL Application Form:,4643,7-123-1645_3500—,00.html

You may renew online (after 12/1/18) at .

NOTE: If you have a CPL issued by another state and are applying for a Michigan CPL you must complete a Michigan CPL training course and bring a valid Michigan Training Certificate at the time of CPL application.

Appropriation Committee

2020 Census
Minutes 9-9-2021
Minutes 9-20-2021

Cheboygan County Clerk/Register of Deeds

Karen Brewster
(231) 627-8808


870 South Main St, Rm#204
PO 70
Cheboygan, MI 49721
(231) 627-8808
Fax: (231) 627-8453


Clerk’s Office
Monday – Friday
8AM – 4:30PM

Register of Deeds
9:00AM- 4:00pm

Additional Staff

Chief Deputy Clerk
Beverly Laway
(231) 627-8808

Chief Deputy Register of Deeds
Judy Arnold
(231) 627-8820

Deputy Register of Deeds
Samantha Raymus
(231) 627-8866

Senior Circuit Court Clerk
Renee Pelon
(231) 627-8846

Deputy Circuit Court Clerk
Sheila Provo
(231) 627-8867

Cheboygan County Assistant Clerk
Christine Eno
(231) 627-8808


Cheboygan County Sheriff Department
County Building
870 S. Main St.
Cheboygan, MI 49721

Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Indian River Field Office
6984 S. Straits Hwy
Indian River, MI 49749

Cheboygan Department of Public Safety
Cheboygan City Hall
403 N. Huron St.
Cheboygan, MI 49721

Mackinaw City Police Department
Village Hall
102 S. Huron Ave.
Mackinaw City, MI 49701

Tuscarora Township Police Department
Tuscarora Township Hall
3546 S. Straits Hwy
Indian River, MI 49749

Presque Isle County Sheriff’s Department
267 N 2nd St.
Rogers City, MI 49779


Cheboygan County
870 S. Main St.
Cheboygan, MI 49721