In 1998 a 21 bed jail was expanded and converted into an 80 bed jail facility capable of holding male and female inmates. The Cheboygan County Jail houses inmates and offsets some overhead costs by housing approximately 50% of its bed space to out-county jails, generating annual revenues of approximately $250,000.


Jail Administrator

David Deeter

Serving Since:1996

Corrections Division

Jail Administrator



Cpl. Brian Howard


Cpl. Michele Meldrum


Cpl. Brian Crittenden

Serving Since 2001


Cpl. Karen Ozzello

Serving Since 2002


Dep. Jerry Shampine

Serving Since 1994


Dep. Michael Raymus

Serving Since 1998


Dep. Patricia Maylowski 

Serving Since 1998


Dep. Nicole Pawlowski 

Serving Since 1999


Dep. Brenda Straight

Serving Since 2004


Dep. Mari Meyers

Serving Since 2005


Dep. Quinn Bonnett

Serving Since


Dep. Elizabeth Trudeau

Serving Since 


Dep. Joseph Houle

Serving Since  


Dep. Earl Manuel

Serving Since 


Dep. Nicholas Jamieson

Serving Since